Welcome to our Service Department.


Your Acura is a precision machine that was built to the highest factory standards.  Regular maintenance by an Acura-certified technician will keep your vehicle running in peak condition.  Acura of Erie employs highly trained professionals who have received extensive training on Acura vehicles.



Reasons why you should choose us for your service needs:


  • Convenient Hours, Early Bird and Night Drops for your convenience
  • Shuttle service to your work, home, our nearby mall or any local location of your choice
  • Pick-up and delivery of your vehicle when service is needed
  • Limited number of available loaners
  • Relaxing customer lounge featuring WIFI Internet, Gourmet Coffee & beverages and Cable TV
  • Convenient location to your work or home.


Maintenance Codes and their Meaning:


Your Acura has a Maintenance Minder or an odometer driven service reminder on earlier models.  The Maintenance Minder calculates remaining oil life based on your unique driving conditions.  The "Service Due Soon" message will appear when your oil life reaches 15 percent.  Please note that 15 percent of oil life does not represent actual oil levels (see chart below to see when you should get your vehicle serviced).  If your vehicle does not have a maintenance minder then refer to your owner's manual.  

 Oil life %        Message in vehicle            What you should do

15%                Service Due Soon                  Schedule an appointment 

  5%                Service Due Now                   Take your vehicle in for service now

  0%                Service Past Due                   Your service is overdue - See us today!

 Letter Codes

A= Change engine oil. 

B= Change engine oil and filter. Perform multi-point inspection per Acura's recommendation, including but not limited to brake pads, steering and suspension systems, exhaust system, drive shaft boots, fluid leaks or damage and battery test.

Sub Code: 1-6

1 = Rotate tires. Check inflation and condition.

2 = Replace air cleaner element and the dust and pollen filter. Inspect drive belt.

3 = Replace transmission fluid.  Replace transfer fluid (AWD only).
4 = Check valve clearance, replace spark plugs and timing belt if equipped.
5 = Replace engine coolant.
6 = Replace rear differential fluid (AWD only).

Older models follow a time or mileage maintenance schedule that can be found in your owner's manual.  A service reminder will illuminate on the instrument panel when the appropriate number of miles have been driven since the reminder was last reset.


Acura of Erie also invites you to enjoy a weekly complimentary wash and vacuum of any vehicle purchased from our dealership.  Also should your tire pressure indicator light come on, please stop by immediately and we will be happy to check the air pressure of your tires and adjust them as necessary.


Roadside Assistance:  Please call Acura at 1-800-594-8500 or download the roadside assistance app for your phone at Acuralink Roadside.  If towing is necessary, they will arrange to have your vehicle towed to our dealership or the nearest Acura dealer.


To further your ownership experience, please enroll in the the Acura Owners Website  https://acuralink.acura.com/Login/#.